Our Purpose

Spencer Park School aims to provide a stimulating environment in which students will:
Become independent learners.
Display a caring attitude towards others.
Be secure in the knowledge of their own self worth and have the desire to fulfil their potential.
Have their individual social, emotional, physical and cognitive needs met.
At Spencer Park Primary School our school community members are aware of the needs of the individual and we endeavour to cater for all these needs in a caring and supportive environment. Through this positive environment we will foster within students the desire to learn and achieve to the best of their abilities.  “A happy school is a place where learning takes place”.



SPPS is a dynamic learning community working together to help students succeed and become responsible citizens.  We always strive to provide a safe school environment that is respectful, positive, inclusive and welcoming.



To view Spencer Park Primary School Business Plan 2016-2018 click here.