Our Beliefs


Staff, students and parents working together to create a safe and friendly school.  We believe that optimal learning occurs when:

  • Staff develop a comprehensive knowledge of each student’s background and needs resulting in a high level of individual success.
  • The school environment is positive, motivating and safe, enabling all to comfortably take risks.
  • Positive relationships are formed between students, home and school.
  • Staff, students and parents have a clear understanding of what is expected with regard to behaviour and learning.
  • An effective combination of explicit teaching and inquiry based learning is provided.
  • Teachers provide integrated learning experiences that are developmentally based, well planned and organised.
  • Students are on task and engaged in relevant learning
  • Students are given opportunities to work collaboratively and learn from one another.
  • Students are acknowledged, encouraged and rewarded for their endeavour.
  • Students are provided with opportunities to be creative and make decisions about their learning that allows for self evaluation.
  • Assessment is comprehensive, valid, fair and educative.
  • The teaching and learning program is supported by the best possible physical and human resources.
  • Students interact with the wider community.