2020 Year 6 Camp

Once again the Year 6 students travelled to Bridgetown for their school camp, staying at the Fairbridge School Camp, which was originally a hospital. The students had lots of fun and excitement wondering if the old building is haunted. The weather on camp for the first two days was bitterly cold and windy. However, at Big Brook Dam near Pemberton, there was much fun to be had with beach games, canoeing, raft building and raft racing. The cold weather did nothing to deter the students from the water!

The weather was much kinder on Wednesday at Lucieville Farm at Bridgetown. The students could not get enough of the animals, especially the cute cuddly ones. Rounding up the horses in the farm ute, riding the horses, milking a cow, bottle-feeding calves and lambs, and cooking damper kept smiles on faces. The flying fox and the huge covered slide at the Timber Park at Manjimup were big hits. Many students did activities they had never done before, and several students achieved some incredible personal ‘firsts’. Click here to see some of the camp action.

Special thanks goes to Mr Regan Bullock who gave up several days of his well-earned R-and-R to come to camp, help out and entertain us. The students were all fantastic and it was wonderful to see them have so much fun, achieve some unexpected things, get on so well, and show genuine kindness.  Thank you also to Mel Pears and Sara Allen from Spencer Park Education Support Centre and our school chaplain Mrs Hunt who joined us for the four day camp. A wonderful time was had by all; yes, even the teachers!

Cate Moreton and Cass Cheetham