SPPS involved in planning for Albany Bicentenary in 2026

Yesterday Ms Harris-Maroney and eight SPPS students participated in a youth symposium at the Beryl Grant Community Centre. Together with students from all Albany schools they workshopped ideas for the Albany Bicentenary in 2026 with a focus on how youth can be involved.

Our representatives were Artan, Devin, Christine, Molly, Phoenix, Esther, Skye and Cody.  They proposed having a festival with events occurring every 2 months involving:
  • preforming arts with a focus on re-interpreting Albany’s history with local artists,
  • exhibition sporting events/matches involving ex-Albany sports stars and local people with workshops held at schools;  and
  • food trucks and/or a cooking competition to showcase the cultural foods/dishes reflected in the Albany population which would also showcase our fantastic produce.
Pretty amazing ideas all in all.

Well done team. Click here to have a look at their photos. We look forward to seeing the bicentenary plans develop.