Interschool Athletics Carnival

SPENCER PARK! SPENCER PARK! SPENCER PARK!! The cheers were loud and clear at the 2020 GSPPSSA Interschool Athletics Carnival held at North Road this week. Our senior (Years 4 – 6) athletics team kicked off their two day competition campaign against schools from Albany, Denmark and Mount Barker with the jumps, throws and long distance running program on Monday morning in warm conditions.

On Tuesday, our junior team (Years 1-3) joined the senior team as the mercury soared again reaching a very warm 30 degrees by 10am – Albany heatwave!  Our SPPS students embraced our school value of Doing Your Best as they ran hard in the track events (A and B divisions) and then showcased their teamwork skills in the team relay events. Team events included the flag relay, circle ball, leaderball, shuttle relay and thread the needle. Have a look at our students in action.

A HUGE thank you to Mr Hadlow, Mr Luscombe, Ms Moreton, Mrs Kightly, Miss Lemann Mrs Green, our school chaplain Mrs Hunt and Perdie Beebe for ensuring our students were on track, well hydrated, working as a team and doing their best.