Are pancakes better than carrots?

Students in Room 25 with Mrs Collins & Miss Moore have been participating in a variety of short burst writing activities that help develop their understanding of persuasive texts.

📝Learning Intention:
Students will learn to craft a clear opinion statement for a persuasive text using varied sentence starters. They will also explore the use of high modality words and understand the concept of agreeing to disagree respectfully.
📝Success Criteria:
👉Writing a clear opinion statement as the opening for a persuasive text using different sentence starters.
👉Generating three concise arguments to support their opinion.
👉Experimenting with high modality words to strengthen their persuasive writing.
👉Understanding and demonstrating acceptance of differing viewpoints.
👉Engaging in discussions where they acknowledge it’s okay to think differently without negative emotions like anger or sadness.
By achieving these goals, students will enhance their writing ✍️📝 skills by effectively expressing opinions, developing persuasive arguments, and embracing respect around differing viewpoints. Click here to see their photos. Great learning Room 25 🙌🙌🙌