Science Week: Glass – More than meets the eye

Recently, students had a lesson centered on glass, with marbles as a focus.

We brainstormed an impressive list of glass uses (eg telescope, glass eye, fish tank, glass bottomed boats); the wonderful properties of glass as a material (eg smooth, strong, transparent/see-through); discussed how glass can be re-used and recycled; saw how glass is made; and how marbles are made.

This was followed by marble activities: playing marbles, marble ‘hockey’, creating Lego marble mazes and marble painting.

We had lucky winners of a bag of marbles from each class: Allegra, Alyson, Christine, Keenan, Dustyn and Lola. The overall prize of a glass straw set went to Darcy.

It was a great day! Click here to see our photos.

Mrs Murray 😊