FESA impresses Room 1

Mrs McLeod’s class excitedly welcomed some special visitors to SPPS in Thursday morning, they were from the Albany Fire Station🧯🔥 Dakota said he felt happy and excited to meet them because he LOVES machines and was very impressed by the fire truck 🚒

Lauren said the FESA firefighters had some helpful and information messages to share about how to keep safe during a fire:
1. Make sure there is a smoke alarm and regularly check the batteries 🔋
2. Talk about and plan a safe place to go to when there is a fire
3. Check for a fire and call triple 000 if there is a fire
Jason listened carefully and recalled that the firefighters said, if you need to call 000 for a fire, you will be asked if you need the police, fire or ambulance service. You will need to tell them that you need the fire service and then give them your name, address and how many people are in the house.
Jason said he would like to be a fireman when he grows up. His favourite part was squirting the water from the big heavy hose 💦
Braxton said thank you to the Albany Fire Station firefighters for coming to SPPS and sharing their important messages…but hopes he doesn’t have to see them at his house!!!!