Room 24 students have impressive architectural skills

Imagine being on student field trip and…the bridge…COLLAPSES leaving you STRANDED on an island 🏝️😳 Never fear! Spencer Park Primary School’s Room 24 students have impressive architectural skills and can build a new bridge to save the day. During Book Week, our superstar Year 1 students read the book Iggy Peck Architect with Miss Stephenson. They continued their learning about architecture in Design and Technology where they were challenged to work in groups of two or three to plan, design and build a bridge. The materials they were given for the build included paper, straws, string, pop sticks, sticky tape, blu tack and scissors. Once they finished building their bridges they had to assess their design and make changes to strengthen their bridges 🌉  They are very proud of their architectural achievements, click here to have a look at their photos.