Doing Your Best

At our mini assembly on 31 July, we celebrated our school value: Do Your Best. We know we don’t have to be THE best but it’s important that we always strive to do, and be, our personal best 👍 Congratulations to these Spencer Park superstars who were recognised for doing their best in the classroom, playground and our community:
  • PP1 Lukas
  • PP2 Spencer
  • Rm 1 Jason
  • Rm 2 Riley
  • Rm 3 Layla
  • Rm 8 Detroy
  • Rm 9 Chayse
  • Rm 11 William
  • Rm 19 Charlie
  • Rm 24 Liam
  • Rm 25 Keisha
Super Value
  • Charli Room 1
Well done! 👏👏 Congratulations to all our students who strive to do their best in the classroom and playground, particularly our Value Certificate winners.