Care for Our World

Caring for our world is VERY important, so important it is the school value that we celebrated on Monday at our SPPS mini assembly.

Our students have shared what they think ‘Care for Our World’ means to them:

  • Helping injured wildlife
  • Having a worm farm to help fertilise your veggie garden
  • Releasing small fish when you’re fishing
  • Looking after people, animals and plants
  • Keeping your desk clean and tidy
  • Picking up rubbish on the beach
  • Reducing, reusing, recycling and refusing
  • Planting lots of trees
  • Cleaning up after yourself

Well done to all of our students who strive to care for our world in the classroom, our playground and our community.

Congratulations to our students who were awarded a Values Certificate this week: PP1 – Chance, PP2 – Jaxon, Rm 1 – Stella, Rm 2 – Jamari, Rm 3 – Joesph, Rm 8 – Channaye, Rm 9 – Caine, Rm 11 – Lachlan, Rm 19 – Ariyah and Rm 24 – Maddy. Look at their proud smiles!