Care and Compassion

At yesterday’s mini-assembly we celebrated Care and Compassion.

Last week our staff and students focused on how to show care and compassion to ourselves, others, animals, the environment and within our broader community. Year 5/6 students from Room 11 believe showing care and compassion means to:

  • Look after people and think about how they feel
  • Protect and care for wildlife, especially if they are injured
  • Speak nicely to people
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Pick up rubbish when you see it in our environment

This week’s Values Certificate winners areĀ Maxon, Summer, Braxton, Ronan, Oskar, Brax, Molly, Vela, Rhyder and Jack.

Congratulations to all our students who strive to show care and compassion in the classroom and playground, particularly our Value Certificate winners.