Cats OR dogs? We’ll let you decide

Right, it’s time to make a decision. Cats OR dogs? Which animal do you prefer? It’s a question that we have all pondered before but have you really reached a decisive opinion?  Mrs Pettet’s Year 2/3 students believe that they will be able to convincingly persuade you to choose either cats OR dogs through their persuasive writing skills.

Beautifully guided by Mrs Pettet, our Room 2 students have completed a persuasive writing process which involved:

    1. A group analysis of a persuasive text on dogs
    2. I do/we do/you do for the micro features of persuasive texts and using the Seven Step for Writing Success (e.g. tightening tension/ban the boring using persuasive techniques such as personal pronoun, hyperbole etc)
    3. Practicing brainstorming, ordering their arguments, putting them into a planner including a rebuttal
    4. Brainstorming, ordering and planning independently for the argument dogs vs cats
    5. Begin drafting and slowly discussing each part before writing independently
    6. Mrs Pettet providing feedback after the first body paragraph
    7. Students completing their writing and then self-editing.
    8. Mrs Pettet reviewing their persuasive writing and providing further editing suggestions.
    9. Final step…PUBLISH!!

Please click here to enjoy reading these terrific persuasive pieces and let us know what you have decided. Cats OR dogs?!?