Time to get creative

Are you looking for a creative school holiday activity? Why not make a flower or herb garden like our students in Mrs Fletcher’s classroom?

The children in Room 19 were asked to design and make a flower and herb garden.  First they had to collect and choose recycled milk containers that suited the shape of the garden they wanted.  Each child then chose two colours (one dark and one light) to paint their container. One colour was used to paint the background and the other colour was used to make patterns.

When the painted containers were dry the children filled them with soil and selected their own flowers and herbs to plant into their garden.  The choices available were:

  • Snap dragons (seeds)
  • Sweet peas (seeds)
  • Fairy flowers – Alyssum, Cameo Mix, Lobelia Midnight Moon
  • Dill
  • Basil
  • Coriander
  • Nasturtium
  • Viola

The children watered their gardens and put them out in the sun in the junior primary vegie garden.  Mrs Joyce has installed them on the grill outside our school library and now we have a vibrant vertical garden!  We are hoping the flowers and herbs attract bees and other insects to our garden, we need them to help pollinate our plants.

The children have been writing about their creative gardening projects in their Garden Journals.  Great job Room 19!