Egg Drop Challenge!

Room 2 Chemistry – Egg Drop Challenge!

Room 2 have been learning about materials and their properties during Chemistry. To finish off we held an Egg Drop Challenge. Materials on hand were containers made of tin, plastic and carboard, tape, fabric, bubble wrap, paper, cardboard, newspaper, pop sticks, paper towels, cylinders etc.

The students planned and made their container to either hold the egg, or created a soft landing platform for the egg to drop to the ground. The task was to drop the egg from desk height (approx’ 1 metre) and observe if it was broken with yolk spilling out, cracked, or intact!

After much fanfare, fun and encouragement we had a first round and around 85% were successful! We went to round 2 and added 50 cm to the height and dropped the eggs again. With great excitement, many were successful again! Time permitting we would have to go outside to the courts and drop from an even greater height (another time…)

Well done Room 2 on your diverse, creative and protective designs. You were great sports AND chose your materials well! Click here to have a look at their photos.

Mrs Murray – SPPS Science Specialist