2020 Staff Farewells

With the end of another productive school year rapidly approaching we would like to take some time out to thank and acknowledge the hard work of some of our incredibly passionate and dedicated SPPS staff who are saying farewell.

Lucy Dowsett: After twenty years of teaching at Spencer Park Primary School and over thirty in education, Mrs Dowsett will be retiring from education at the end of this term and enjoying the full fruits of retirement. The school greatly appreciates the dedication and commitment that Lucy has shown to the provision of quality education and the collaborative and supportive relationships forged with staff and our school community. We will miss Lucy’s vibrant creative flair with the staff room decorations (Christmas decoration photos here) and her passionate desire to improve the educational prospects of all students.

Jasna Curic: With twelve years of service at Spencer Park Primary School between 2008 and 2019, Ms Curic was a highly experienced and knowledgeable teacher who worked predominantly in the middle primary area. The school would like to recognise and thank Ms Curic as she officially retires and enters a new period of her life. Ms Curic showed a great passion for the development of student sport and ensuring that her colleagues were supported. Thank you for your commitment and dedication!

Angie Caramia: Commencing with the Department in 1993 and joining Spencer Park Primary School in 2000, Angie has been a wonderful support to students and teachers for over the past 27, always being a professional and supportive colleague. The many students she has worked with have benefited from her caring, thoughtful and knowledgeable practice. We wish her all the best for her next venture and hope she loves the south west coastal lifestyle!

Laurae Ogden: Laurae joined Spencer Park Primary School in 2006, and has provided support to students and teachers across many year levels, from Pre Primary all the way up to Year 6.  A keen learner and helpful colleague, Laurae was a boon to those who found the world of IT quite alien and very quickly became known as the laptop and iPad help desk. We have all profited from her caring nature. In 2020, she enjoyed a well-earned break, enjoying time in Darwin and visiting her children in Morawa and Perth, where she has decided to move.  We wish her all the best for her next chapter!

Zoe McColl: Although Ms McColl was only with Spencer Park Primary School for one year it was certainly a year where she displayed the ability to deal with change and challenge. Working in the Yr 4/5 classroom, Zoe applied herself to whole school teaching approaches and forged strong relationships with colleagues. As a first year teacher she managed the issues that COVID raised with a calm, mature approach and continued a focus on the teaching and learning outcomes of students.

We wish you all well and thank you for your contributions to our school community.