First day…HOORAY!!!!

The first day of the 2021 school year at Spencer Park Primary School was ‘absolutely EPIC’ according to Year 2 student Chloe.  It was fabulous to see the beaming smiles of our students and parents as they excitedly streamed through the gates ready and raring to meet their amazing teachers and classmates.

Sophia, from Year 4, said the teachers were very happy to welcome everyone back to school and had lots of fun activities to kick start the year. Amity from Pre Primary was super impressed with her classroom and looking forward to coming to school 5(!!!) days a week.

How good is this photo of our students (Pre Primary to Year 6) taken today at our whole school assembly? It’s another big day tomorrow as we will be welcoming our kindy children to our school community for their first day.

We’re looking forward to a safe, productive and stimulating year of learning and fun at Spencer Park.

Semper Tenta | Always Strive