LOOK! It’s a FROG!!

While our interschool athletics team were off competing on Thursday, our students from Room 2 were toiling away in the senior garden/outdoor classroom with Ms Edwards when they spotted our very FIRST FROG!!!

Cast your minds back to the start of the year…the space was empty and we had great plans to change it. Ms Edwards and her students have spent the year in Science learning about, designing and establishing a frog habitat. Can you believe it?!? We now have a FROG that has made our frog habitat home 🐸

Students also helped Ms Edwards with the planting of a new protective hedge along the fence line and harvested some delicious fresh produce for our school canteen. In the box was spinach, lettuce, leek, potato & rhubarb. Mrs Arta and her amazing school volunteers then used the fresh produce provided to create delicious lunches for our P&C to sell at the Interschool Athletics Carnival. Click here to see some photos.

What a brilliant team effort by our school community!!!