Honesty & Trustworthiness

At yesterday’s mini assembly we celebrated our Spencer Park Primary School value Honesty and Trustworthiness.

Our students understand that honesty and trustworthiness means to:

  • Be someone others can depend on
  • ALWAYS tell the truth, even if it’s hard
  • Own up to your mistakes, it will be ok
  • Make the right choices…EVEN when the teacher or your mum/dad is not looking
  • Don’t lie
  • Be honest and seek the truth


Congratulations to all of our students who strive to be honest and trustworthy in the classroom and playground, particularly our Value Certificate winners:

  • PP1 – Ashley
  • PP2 – Ned
  • Rm1 – Darcy
  • Rm2 – Justin
  • Rm3 – Arden
  • Rm8 – Izsabella
  • Rm9 – Isabel
  • Rm11 – Sophie
  • Rm19 – Jameson
  • Rm24 – Brooklyn