Kindy Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Teddies across Spencer Park were VERY excited yesterday as it was finally their turn to spend a morning at kindy!  Yippee!!  Ms Stevens and the kindy children invited their teddies and families to a Teddy Bear’s Picnic to celebrate their kindy achievements. There were lots of activities to entertain everyone. Teddy Snuggles enjoyed sitting down to quietly read the children’s favourite books while some of the other teddies were challenged by the classroom puzzles.

Teddies Emma and Josh said they had a wonderful time being dressed up in special outfits designed by the children, they were very impressed with the fashion choices.  Christmas Teddy said her favourite part of the festivities was watching the children sing and dance for their families – adorable!  After the performance it was time for everyone to go outside to play and enjoy a relaxing picnic – perfect for young Relaxation Teddy.  Have a look at the photos from the picnic.  

WOW! What a fantastic way to celebrate an amazing year of kindy at Spencer Park Primary School!