Book Week on Parade

Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds were celebrated on Thursday at the annual Spencer Park Primary School Book Week Parade.  The undercover area was BUZZING with excitement as the Mad Hatter welcomed students, staff, families, volunteers and our special visitors from Hogwarts including Professor Umbridge, Hagrid, Harry, Ron, Jinny, Hermione and Voldemort.

Everyone certainly calmed down when Miss Trunchball took to the stage to ensure everyone was on their best behaviour before the parade commenced!

The Book Week parade is always a special event for our school that attracts the most beautiful princesses, fiery dragons, heroic princes, fluttering fairies, crazy scientists, dancing dinosaurs, strong superheros, magical wizards and wonderous witches. Even Barbie, the BFG, Pippi Longstocking, Minnie & Mickey Mouse, Peter Rabbit, Cottontail and Flopsy made an appearance.  Please click here to have a look at our parade photos.

It was a vibrant, rainbow fish kind of day and we were all kept waaaay too busy to be scared on a bear hunt, eat like the hungry caterpillar or follow the yellow brick road. Instead, we spent the day completely immersed in fabulous books, stories, characters and exploring old worlds, new worlds and other worlds.

Huge thanks to our parents and staff for their hard work in creating amazing costumes to bring book characters to life and also for supporting our Book Week Book Swap that followed the parade.

Has anyone found Wally yet?