Things have been heating up in Science

Mrs Murray and the students from Room 3 did an investigation to conclude their ‘Heating Up’ physics unit.

The question was ‘Does a black surface absorb more heat than a white surface?’.

The students made a pizza box solar oven and paired up to see if a chocolate bud and a cracker and mozzarella cheese would melt more quickly depending on whether placed on a white or black surface inside the box. They were placed side by side in the sun for 15 minutes, with the sun shining into the boxes and being further reflected in the alfoil flap. Click here to see our photos.

The students then went inside to observe using tools such as magnifying glasses and toothpicks to compare their results. The majority of the class found that the chocolate and cheese had melted the most on the black paper – matching many predictions.

The ovens have gone home to cook/heat food during the summer holidays!