Pre Primary Self Portraits

Matthew is one of our Pre Primary students and he thought it would be a great idea to share his classroom’s collection of self portraits with you. Matthew also wanted to explain how the children created these masterpieces so that you too can make one at home.  Here’s what he had to say about the process:

  • First I did the splatters, all over the page, everywhere.
  • Then I chose a colour and painted my shirt, I chose a yellow shirt. It’s BRIGHT!
  • After that, we did our hands. Did you know they are my real hand prints?! I did them with blue and red paint!!
  • When they were dry, we cut around my hand prints and I glued them on.
  • Then I drew my face on another piece of paper. I cut it out and glued it on top of my shirt and splatters.
  • Finally I painted my hair.
  • Do you like it?

Thank you for sharing your self portrait Matthew, it looks fantastic. To see more of the wonderful self portraits from Miss Whittingstall’s Pre Primary class please click here.