Principal’s Post

Dear Parents and Friends

Video Games and Movies

Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto are two games that teachers are hearing more about during school and play time and it is causing lots of concern. Play time at school should be about sporting games, learning to share, exploring nature and being active. Over the last few years’ young children are referring to these games and acting out some of the behaviours and using associated language. This is highly concerning given that Grand Theft Auto is rated ‘M’ and suitable for 17+ years and that Fortnite is not suitable for persons under 12 years of age.

Children who are subject to games that have high levels of violence and or sexual references are displaying some of these behaviour and attitudes at school.  Please DO NOT let your children play these games or watch you playing them – they do more harm than you think!

For further reading about this topic please view the following:


Open Night

Tomorrow will have our Open Night between 5.30-7.00pm.  Due to current physical distancing requirements we will not be undertaking choir performances in the undercover area and purchasing items from the canteen will also require spacing. Classrooms will be using extra space around the school to provide for physical distancing needs, so please be flexible and understanding if work cannot be viewed in your classroom. We would also ask parents to keep physical distancing in mind when visiting classes and return at another time in the evening if it looks too crowded.

The Y6 Parents will be providing food on the night in the CANTEEN:

  • Sausage in a bun with onions & sauce – $3.50
  • Drinks (Juice box, water or cool drink) – $1.50
  • Plate of slice, biscuits, cake – $3.50-$4.00
  • Any Yr 6 parents that can assist serving on the night would be very appreciated.

Other things to see and do on the night:

  • Choir VIDEO presentation occurring in the music room and verandah.
  • Uniform shop open all night – Rm 6. Second hand clothes will be available.

During the evening we will have a Parent Survey that we would really appreciate as many parents/guardians completing as possible.

We hope to see you here.


Jeremy Hadlow