Every week our school community learns about and celebrates one of our school values. Students who have upheld and demonstrated the weekly value are recognised with a Values Certificate at our weekly mini-assembly.  The first SPPS value for 2023 is RESPECT. Our Year 4 students were asked what Respect means to them. They said it is:
  • Making your decisions based on what is right
  • Acknowledging others
  • Being kind to others
  • Using your manners
  • Listening to other people’s thoughts
  • Speaking kindly to others
  • Caring for other people’s things
Congratulations to our students who were recognised for showing respect in Week 1:
👉PP1 Heath
👉PP2 Linkin
👉Rm 1 Braxon
👉Rm 2 Scarlett
👉Rm 3 Levi
👉Rm 8 Evie
👉Rm 9 Vela
👉Rm 11 Imogen
👉Rm 19 Pepper
👉Rm 24 Jaelyn
👉Rm 25 Shaheen

It’s fantastic to see ALL of our students strive to be respectful in the classroom, our playground and in the community, particularly our Value Certificate winners.