Room 8 Rating: Pumpkin soup

Mrs Kowald’s class sat down together on Monday to taste their pumpkin soup. They worked as a team to set the classroom tables like a restaurant complete with placemats and cutlery.  The students took on the role as waitstaff to serve up the soup and delicious garlic bread. There were mixed reactions to the soup tasting. Students reflected on their tasting experience in writing and critiqued the pumpkin soup with a rating. Here’s what they had to say:

  • Lewis – On Friday last week we were mini-chefs in Room 6 cutting, peeling and trying some garlic. Then we put it all in a slow cooker. Today for lunch we had pumpkin soup. It was great, we had garlic bread, cream and parsley. I got a refill because it was so good. I had heaps of garlic bread. I didn’t like the cream. It tasted bad in my opinion. It was great talking to my friends while we ate. One thing we could put in it is some more salt to make it tastier and pepper to make it spicy.
  • Ruby – The restaurant was calm and the soup was yummy. I liked all of the soup but I did not like the onion.
  • Eloise – Compliments to the chefs, the soup, garlic bread, herbs and cream were over the top. I give it a 5 start rating.
  • Imogen – The pumpkin soup was creamy orangey but I didn’t like it.
  • Brax – Today I had pumpkin soup. I poured cream into mine, it was delicious. I’ll give it a 8.5/10.  I didn’t like the parsley.
Afterwards, the students cleared the tables, washed the dishes and started planning for the next cook up – YUM! Have a look at their photos here.