Science Week 2021 – Food by Design

During Week 4 our SPPS students celebrated Science Week with a food focus.

Room 19 and 24 learnt about the cow to butter process – by churning (shaking) cream in a jar to see it transform and separate into yellow, creamy butter and white buttermilk. The delicious, fresh butter was eaten and enjoyed on a milk arrowroot biscuit.

Room 1 and 2 discussed, observed and tasted corn 5 ways. We talked about how corn can begin as a simple corn kernel which grows into fresh, corn cobs – and is often then processed into many corn food products, eg cornflour, sweetcorn in a tin, corn flakes, popcorn and corn chips. Fresh corn on the cob was a favourite way to eat corn amongst many students, along with the tasty corn chips! They learnt also that popcorn is made from a particular type of corn – not ALL corn pops.

Room 8 and 11 learnt about the rise of plant based ‘meat’ products around the world and the reasons behind it. Enormous cattle feed lots and methane gas is an environmental issue for the world – so alternative meat (protein) food products are increasingly available. Students sampled and rated three products and the majority liked the ‘chicken’ nuggets, whilst a minority preferred the chipolatas or burgers.

In addition, food chemistry was also enjoyed where all students were involved in measuring, mixing making their sherbet. Not only was it delicious – they also learnt of the chemical reaction taking place in their mouth creating the fizz and tangy taste! Have a look at our photos.