Artificial Intelligence explored during Science Week

During Week 3 we celebrated Science Week at SPPS. All classes learnt a little bit about Artificial Intelligence (AI). We shared AI uses at home e.g. ‘hey Siri?’ and asked Chat GPT a few questions. We also looked at examples of Innovations such as:

School bags
✏️ Pencils
☎️ Phones
Toys and
Playground equipment.
Every student then had a task to draw innovative ideas which you can see here. Some examples from the wonderful array of ideas were:
a massage couch,
bubble-gum that never loses its flavour,
self-cleaning reading glasses,
hearing aids on an earring,
a ring or bracelet containing your credit card chip,
a cool pillow with temperature settings,
a kangaroo juice to help you jump higher,
a Siri glove to wear anywhere,
a 4 seater electrical swing set,
rollerblades with settings to roll you to your favourite destination such as McDonalds, and
all-natural perfume which has the lovely aroma of nature.
Finally, the lucky winners of the Innovative prizes were the Lego EV – Chase Room 25, vegan lollies – Lucas Room 8, fluorescent coloured pencils – Jamari Room 3.
Thanks for the Science Week update Mrs Murray!‍