Science steps outdoors at SPPS

Our SPPS students have hit the ground running in science! All classes spent the first week settling back into lab routines, discussing positive behaviour expectations and practising working in teams. Students will continue with 90 minute lessons this year but there is an exciting new change in the air.

Across the whole school, the Biology curriculum will be taught in our SPPS OUTDOOR CLASSROOM. This exciting new initiative will mean all of our students have the opportunity to be out of their seats and in the garden to learn. Our students will get dirty hands and they will come across some creepy crawlies, they may even get a little bit wet… but that’s all just part of the fun.

Physics, Chemistry & Earth Sciences will continue to be delivered in the lab. In all science classes; collaborative team work and hands on inquiry learning will continue to be the focus alongside the four science understandings. Science provides our students with the opportunity to develop and practise problem solving skills and critical thinking in a supportive environment. This week’s science photos are of:

Room 19: Students constructed an insect from natural materials

Room 1: In teams, students had to re-construct a biological diagram

Room 19: Team work in action! Taking the weeds to the compost bin.

Room 19: Garden teams busily weeding and preparing for plantings.

We look forward to seeing and hearing more about what our budding young SPPS scientists explore and discover throughout the Term.