Tolerance and Inclusion

Yesterday at our Spencer Park Primary School mini assembly we celebrated Tolerance and Inclusion.

Our students have been learning about what it means to show tolerance and inclusion. When asked what Tolerance and Inclusion means to them, our students are very wise in their advice and said we need to:

  • Invite people to play and join in
  • Smile at people, even when you don’t know them
  • Everyone is different – we need to celebrate that!
  • Look after the new students and be kind
  • Listen to others
  • If someone wants to play…let them!
  • Respect people

This week’s Values Certificate winners are:¬†PP 1 Maxon, PP 2 Jaxon, Rm 1 Layla, Rm 2 Bella, Rm 3 Oliver, Rm 8 Brooke, Rm 9 Bailey, Rm 11 Erik, Rm 19 Jason & Rm 24 Cylus.

Congratulations to all our students who strive to be tolerant and inclusive in the classroom and playground, particularly our Value Certificate winners.