U7 Spencer Park soccer shines in Festival of Football

Our U7 SPPS soccer superstars had a HUGE day of soccer last weekend. They played their usual two games in the morning at the North Road soccer grounds before heading over to Retravision Stadium in the afternoon to participate in the Great Southern Regional Festival of Football…WOW! 😲
During the half time break of the Football West women’s game, Hyundai NTC vs Perth Redstars, our Spencer Park team were invited to showcase their soccer skills and teamwork in some short games. It was all very exciting, especially when the men’s teams were watching them play.
Brodie said he REALLY enjoyed playing at the Retravision Stadium in front of the big crowd and Ash said “It was good times and fun.” 😆 He liked being able to run around with the kids at the sidelines practicing with the ball too.
What an awesome day! A big thank you to Clara’s dad Rob for organising this experience for our U7 soccer team and encouraging them in a lovely gentle way. It was a great opportunity for our superstars to see where playing soccer in primary school can lead to in the future.