WA Bike Month ar’rides’ at Spencer Park

This morning we excitedly celebrated WA Bike Month with a Ride to School Day thanks to a generous grant from the Department of Transport, WestCycle and WA Bike Month.

It was fantastic to see so many students, parents, grandparents and staff arrive…make that ar’ride’….early at Woodrise/Chauncy Park SUPER keen to ride their bikes to school.  Dark rain clouds loomed above but didn’t dampen the enthusiasm or the creatively decorated bikes and helmets.  As you can see from these photos, they were so impressive in design that our judges had an exceptionally challenging time choosing stand out winners in the bike parade…except for when it came to the loudest bike bell category!  Other categories included:

  • best dressed bike,
  • best dressed helmet,
  • most safety equipment worn, and
  • most creative bike name.


Thanks to the team at Impulse Cycles for supporting our WA Bike Month event and organising some great bike accessories as prizes for our category winners.  A HUGE thank you to Amy Sims for baking and preparing a delicious and healthy WA Bike Month breakfast!  Thank you also to our amazing P&C volunteers for their help in serving the breakfast and warm milos on our arrival…or shall we say ar’ride’al…at school. Our riders certainly appreciated your efforts. Make sure you check out our photos. Happy riding!