2023 Walk for Autism

Look at this fabulous team! The end of Term 1 was sooo busy we have a lot to catch up on! We’re going to start with our SUPERSTAR team of Spencer Park Primary School educators who took part in the Walk for Autism again 💚
We had 14 superstars take on the 2023 challenge and set a goal of raising $1000. We are so proud to say we smashed it and raised $1723💥😲👏
Autism is a lifelong condition that affects how a person thinks, feels, interacts with others, and experiences the world. An estimated 1 in every 70 people is on the autism spectrum. Along with their family members, this means autism is a part of daily life for over a million Australians. By coming together and taking action, we can help provide opportunities for people on the autism spectrum to participate, engage and thrive in the world around them.
💚💚Go Spencer Park!!💚💚