Weekly Wind Up

Welcome to Spencer Park Primary School‘s Weekly Wind Up where we celebrate the week and share what’s been happening at school.


Open Night

What a GREAT night! Thank you to all the parents and other family members for attending Open Night last Wednesday. Although the weather was less than pleasant, we still managed to have a wonderful evening with lots on show and many areas around the school to celebrate. Thank you to all the teaching staff for your efforts to make the evening a success. Thanks also to the P&C team who prepared, cooked and served throughout the event, to the parents who donated food for the P&C and to the uniform committee who manned the uniform shop all night.

We were lucky enough to be able to show the choir and the percussion group in action, up on the big screen.  If you missed them, you why not follow the links and catch up.


Welcome to the Aussie Outback!

Did you know that a Thorny Devil changes colour according to the outside temperature or that Australia’s wild dog, the dingo, is known for howling not barking?

Over the last few weeks, Room 19 (Year 2) students have taken their writing toolkits, and ventured beyond the black stump, and into the Australian Outback to research and write about some of the incredibly unique and diverse animals inhabiting our country. They have been busy researching Australian animals and viewing them in their natural habitats, planning, writing and editing our information reports, as well as designing, collecting, and creating magnificent dioramas.

Why not take a gander at their photo gallery or read about Australian animals:


Eagles Cup

Our year 5 and 6 Eagles Cup team participated in a 9 interschool lightning cup competition yesterday. For the majority of the team it was the first time playing in an organised football competition. The highlight of the day was a strong win over Flinders Park thanks to a terrific contribution by everyone. Koby was awarded player of the day and he demonstrated great leadership throughout the day. Hayden had a couple of outstanding games, including best on ground in the win over Flinders. In the backline Ziggy and Ethan were strong all day, while our forwardline was lead by Zac and Marley. Lara and Amelia were excellent in the ruck taps, with Drake getting plenty of possessions in the midfield. Our students demonstrated wonderful sportsmanship throughout the day and were great team mates to one another.

Thanks to Matt Bishop for the photo.


Black and White Whimsy

Room 11, Year 5/6 Art focussed on black and white, using lines and patterns during this art activity. The students practised drawing teardrop shapes and experimented with a variety of patterning techniques before completing their final piece of whimsical art.