Protecting our wildlife

Recently our students found an injured bobtail lizard and an injured pink and grey galah in different circumstances. The students were very worried and willing to do what they could to save them. The bobtail was taken to the Mira Mar Vet but unfortunately it was too unwell and had to be put down. The Born Free Wildlife Carers provided care for the galah and had planned to release the him/her at the same location that it was found, near the SPPS oval area.  Unfortunately, we were advised yesterday that it too had become very sick and had to be euthanised.

Although this is sad news, we are exceptionally proud of our students who have upheld our school values showing great compassion and care for our world.  It was lovely to see the students involved understand the importance of protecting wildlife, improve their understanding of how species interact within their ecosystems and explore the impact of environmental and human influences.  Our students made and sent thank you cards to the wildlife carers.