Worms, vegies and frogs!

Miss Lemann and her fabulous Year 4 students have embraced the Spencer Park Primary School focus values of responsibility and care for our world.  They have taken on the responsibility of collecting our school’s daily food waste and recycling it into food for our worms.  Our students have all been learning about our wiggly worms and how theygive our vegie garden a healthy boost!

Huge thanks to Miss Lemann and her eager students for their hard work in our vegie garden and caring for our world.  They also ensure the vegie garden is well watered and weed free which we know our Canteen Manager Mrs Arta will be very pleased with. Mrs Arta uses our delicious school vegies to whip up amazing healthy snacks and lunches in the school canteen!

When you have a look at these photos see if you can spot our new Frog Friendly Habitat that our students have been creating in Biological Sciences with Ms Edwards.  We think the frogs will LOVE IT!